One Poem from the English of Coleridge*

A Harp2

*after Harry Gilonis’ Two Poems from the English of the Wordsworths, his found and erasure response to I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud, incorporating text from Dorthy Wordsworth’s Journal, and erasing the word ‘daffodil’ from the found poem.

I have always liked An Eolian Harp for Coleridge’s pantheistic reverie, realised empathetically and emphatically in these words from the second section

‘O! the one Life within us and abroad,
Which meets all motion and becomes its soul,
A light in sound, a sound-like power in light,
Rhythm in all thought, and joyance everywhere—’

and I have then despised the seemingly grovelling retraction of these feelings after being reproached by Sara for, as she judges it, his lack of humble piety.

I acknowledge Coleridge’s eventual/actual orthodox Christian faith, but I also chose to ignore this whenever reading An Eolian Harp, and I thank Gilonis for pointing the way to how I can subvert the poem’s final section today.


Lemov’s Warm/Strict

A prime example of
authoritative and warmth,

demands and warmth,
hurt and warmth;

but low levels of warmth,
tepid warmth,

not doing many amounts
of warmth:

strictly, this is a flexible
approximation of warmth.

This is a technique
by words,

this balancing,
this equilibrium,

this strict/
this warm –

wavering on

technicalities of
their words.

‘Truth’: Free Poetry-Writing Classroom Resources for National Poetry Day, 3rd October

Truth Emerging

The theme for this year’s National Poetry Day on the 3rd October is Truth.

All of the following resources are designed to encourage and support students to write poetry on the theme of Truth. The ideas are not about reading poems and then spotting/commenting on devices used and similar. Hopefully students will share their work, but this is about creating, not analysing.

Downloads [right click]

1. Truth Poems – Truth Lines

2. Truth Poems – When I

3. Truth Poems – Truth Text Erasure

Truth Erasure Text [in Word]

Truth Erasure Text

3b. Truth Erasure Text eg1

3c. Truth Erasure Text eg2

3d. Truth Erasure Text eg3

A little long in the tooth, but this following resource gives a user’s guide to erasure/found poetry, written for students as explanation/guidance.

Humuments 1

Humuments 2

The following are ‘Truth’ quotes you might wish to use as discussion/prompts. There are also two more ‘truth’ texts for possible erasure.

4. The Poetry of Truth Quotes

4a. The Poetry of Truth Quotes Erasure Text

4b. Found The Poetry of Truth Quotes Erasure Text

‘Truths’ film – a reading of the Truth erasure poem – can be found here.