Never a Dame

Some time ago I planned to write a sequence of ‘Chandler’ sonnets, written by Philip Marlowe. I recently watched Dick Powell in Farewell My Lovely, the song-and-dance man playing quite a passable Marlow – of its time – and I was reminded of those plans. I finished the first and only sonnet I had written last night, and that may be it, much as I enjoyed!

He Told Her All He Could Do Was Put Salt on the Stairs

It is hot
and it is oppressive and
her hurt

needs bathing.
What can he do that he hasn’t

He can take
the salt to the stairs, he
tells her –

ascending being
all in the effort to care enough
if she does.

There were times
when he carried, both piggyback
and cradled,

but those
nightmares have been subsumed by a
long and

slowed reality.
Are wounded and wound an equivalence?
She is

wound round
this cycle of pain without a balm other
than their trying.

Drawing on Previous Learning

Screenshot 2021-07-21 12.43.28

I’m delighted to announce this pre-order of my new book planned for release on 9th August. Link is here

Drawing on Previous Learning – an ironic title – is a collection of poems I have written about teaching and education over the past 40 years. I am so pleased Wrecking Ball Press has taken these to publish.

I don’t imagine I will ever again have two books to advertise/promote at the same time (the other is my memoir Holding On To Me In Lockdown).

Lockdown has been a busy writing and organising lifeline for me.