Mutant Algorithm

Boris Johnson makes so many continuous mistakes – I’m being polite – that his subsequent attempts at revisionism (those re-framing euphemisms, for example, to try and lesson the original disastrous expressions/promises/assurances) are now legendary drivel. This one is simply inaccurate because we know the algorithm was designed to produce the inequalities and injustices it did! Also, the application of the algorithm was employed to prevent teacher assessment being used, this an ideological intervention that had nothing to do with awarding the most accurate assessments in complex times and everything to do with suppressing professional input.


There is only one
froth in froths unless riding
them in on waves

The deference of
obeisance when being obedient
to poetry’s curtsies

When snowdrops
close the slowest way
for night’s end

Antics huge or
small are still their
own escapades

To divide a third
from a second is a stanza
too far gone

Punctuation: not always,
like here, all about something

This morning’s
tempest has not been the
first, nor fast

[from an errata to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s Poems on Various Subjects, with thanks to Adam Roberts at ‘Samuel Taylor Bloggeridge’]

Bell Curve

The student
did their work.

The teacher
gave their grade.

The bell curve,
reminiscent of width,
collected the relative
distribution of the
variable modes, and
the theory of expectation –
expected, expectorant –
curved itself around its
density, and being
depicts the data as
the shape of fate.

Nearly Flawless

At the heights of
understatement, this is a praise
as faint as a swoon

that had been a trip and
fall when comprehending the true value
of hopes and dreams.

For so many of us,
minor moans are the only way to cope
with expectation and

inevitability, as good as it looked
when ordering or falling deep in love
or trimming a hedge.

Practically flawless seems
the better bet, some inherent reserve
in the technical possibilities;

some secular rationale for
not going too far in the praise and worship
as well as everything deferred.