More Incisive Trump

almost encouraging results
and not going to kill anybody
so we know if things are going to not going to almost kill anybody
this is for Chloroquine, or hydroxychloroquine
and this is going to be able to don’t go as planned
and it’s shown very very around for a long time
a common drug
so we know what we know you know

[‘Apt’ recording]:

Trump News Conference, 18.3.20

big white ships
with the red crosses on the side

are in tip-top shape
to deal with the chinese [sic] virus*

tremendous, not-very-nice-to-do,
really big, incredible solutions –

it’s all a lot easier to do
[self-swab and if positive

people will go and do what they have to do]

we are going to do some very exciting things
suspending foreclosures until april

when shit can hit the fan
when poor can be poor again**

and doing ships on a daily basis
to beat the invisible enemy

complete victory
total victory

potentially very exciting
[and now mike pence will provide a translation]***

[*] definitely no pun intended; [**] two secret lines; [***] adult words


I have just fed the
oblivious birds in

appreciation of their
ebullient singsong

and despite their
dumb dawn chorus

waking us. With
spring on the cusp

they should be

but this is a treat
of thank you –

and feed still in
the bag.

I might even give
the pigeons a pass

with their still shitting on
the conservatory’s see-through

ceiling each day,
because I have one.

Maybe it’s just
old wives and

folklore or a
Hitchcock/similar film,

perhaps even
David Attenborough,

but I thought there’d be
more foreboding,

more intuitive rustling
and restlessness

like the rest of us.

Daily News Briefings

i don’t want
flags flying

[or just

give me
NHS banners


i don’t want
a guy with hair

manicured to

give me

knowing more

i don’t want
just men

[where are
the women]

give me

knowing more
hair anywhere/anyhow