Undulations as Rhythm




Delighted, as ever, to work with Nick Dormand again, and to have our collaboration printed in a glossy book. I do recommend these, cheap enough if grabbing as an offer (there are always offers) but would be too expensive to get in larger numbers, I guess. But the production value really does enhance the presentation – these done through Printerpix.

There is a pdf version of the whole collection to download for free here: Undulations as Rhythm.

If Coleridge Had Driven a Morris Minor

mm - Copy

(for Chris)

With beauty seen as a
unity in multiplicity, Samuel would have
approved its mass production,

warmed to the Germanic
influence of design – a Kantian love
for this aesthetics of simplicity in

the sublime – and the
Englishness of tradition with innovation:
like verse with rhymes

before a run of
mimesis along an assembly line.
A ‘53 phase II could

have a top to put
down, composing in the passing air as if
on a long poet’s stride.

Independence would be in the
suspension of disbelief – because it simply was –
and rack and pinion

steering like a flight of
poetic feathers on the thrust of wings:
STC’s journey to the divine.

American Cookery Erased


Further to my previous post on this erasure attempt, it was, as I suspected, not oven-ready for transformation, the ingredients lacking the potential hoped for. I could persevere for ‘light entertainment’ – and there’s no harm in that – but I don’t think it can ultimately rise to this. I rest my case:

9 - Copy

I’m actually making a real pie for lunch, and that is much more interesting!