The Aran Islands Part II Erased

Part II Erased

The second part of this erasure writing project is now complete and you can view/download further on.

The erasures do not re-create or follow any narrative: the book has its own and there was no attempt to engage specifically with that – rather each page is found as an individual expression. The cameo of Michael continues here and there, but this again is only ever a found whim.

Feel free to download as follows:

Part II Erased

Part I can be similarly accessed:

Part I Erased


Poetics: 29 – Robert Frost

frost image

And that’s probably finished as a collection – perhaps should be at the 30 poets I now have. I am mindful it isn’t significantly diverse, but it is a reflection of the writers I do know and whose work I have read [though that is variable] and was influenced by. There are a few writers new-ish to me but whose ‘statements’ were interesting/engaging and from which it was great fun to find responses and re-versions, as were all.