The wrong
that is living

is living

right and
the right toes and
along for the right ride and
dazzling in the right illusion and

we’re wrong,

The wrong
that is living

is this –
is it

(cut-up: American Pastoral – Philip Roth)

WTF? Support

p wtf

Sorry to hear this poetry site has closed. It encouraged innovative poetry, especially found (remix), and put it sparklingly in the following paragraph from the About page:

‘Poetry is fantastic, but in recent years it has disappeared up its own arse. While the trend (if you want to call something continuing for hundreds of years a trend) has been to go on milking every last ounce of meaning and expression from the dry teat of the soul, here at Poetry WTF?! we take a different view. We look at the wonderful and overflowing abundance of words left by past masters, and the even greater abundance of crazy words floating around the internet, and use them as raw material.

Simple as.’

In explaining its demise, the reason is sadly about errant web hosting and domain loss – rather tedious and pragmatic matters to end an adventure. The site thanks those who ‘submitted and supported us over the years.’

I’d like to thank Poetry WTF? for its support. I was pleased to have work there, now collected here at what will remain an archive, static site.